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We have been the leading online aftermarket educator of HID components and "HID kits" since 2012. We pride ourselves in Quality Customer Service, in high end HID conversion kits, and components for the true automotive lighting enthusiast.
People have asked us so many times,

What color HIDs should I buy?

This questions comes up, not because they are unsure if they should get white or purple, it's usually because they have a desired/problem that they are trying to solve.  Common questions related to HID color are:
  1. Which is the brightest color temp available?  Answer: 4300k
  2. Are these lights illegal?  Answer: For some of the states we have reviewed, here are their HID laws
  3. What is the difference between 4300k, 6000k, and 8000k
Answer: Here is a color chart of our HID colors (Click Here For Video)
hid color chart 4300-15000

What does the "K" stand for? Color Temperature and Kelvin

“Kelvin” is a basic unit of thermodynamic temperature (color temperature) used to measure the hue (color) of the light output.  Typical HID  kits are offered in 3000K – 20000K color ranges.  Of that color range, the most popular HID colors are 6000k and 8000k.  Pay attention to this: The higher the Kelvin (K) of the kit, they bluer the light output is… The Kelvin number DOES NOT mean the light is brighter! Ideal driving ranger from an HID kit would be between 4300k to 6000k.  The light output of a 4300k kit is the closest replication of sunlight, which is the ideal driving light.  Kits in the higher Kelvin range, 1000K +, are so blue that the light tends to scatter before hitting the road, making the light output less efficient.  Also, due to the high color saturation the light will not project as far as the 4300k and 6000k kits. Although this adds a great look to the vehicle, it is not the most effective in the way of lighting.

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